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You’re invited to join us at the Brothers in Song LIVE concert, presented by Cole Link Foundation. Our spectacular concert event will be filled with food, photos, silent auction and dancing. The inspired melody and heart-pounding rhythms from 3-time Grammy winner, Robert Mirabal and Grammy winner, Ralph Farris illuminate and invite a more compassionate, loving world.

“This will be a unique opportunity to experience what music can do for the soul,” Foundation Founder and Chairwoman, Myra J. Cole-Baucom, said. “With God-given talent and unbridled passion, Robert Mirabal and Ralph Farris evoke emotion and send a message that the world needs so badly right now. The music is sheer beauty, very inspirational and moving.”


This is a special event you don't want to miss!

Keep an eye out for more performing art events as we link ourChainReaction  programs across the country. We look forward to your participation and truly hope to see you there!

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