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 JUNE 23, 2018 TEA PARTY: 

Our Golden Linkette Dancers were princesses today! First making tiaras, then learning about manners and then enjoying afternoon tea. Thank you Clem and Denise for being great hostesses. The girls loved it and had a great time! 

Each donation is a link in our ChainReactionapproach, designed to not only help children and families in need, but to empower a chain reaction of community involvement and pride. The power of our Chain Reaction program helps to grow initial support into future community projects to encourage nurturing and best of all, make more dreams come true. The children and families thank you.

"We are providing an outlet for all ages through dance while building self-confidence and self-esteem in a positive manner!"
~ Myra Cole Baucom, Founder and Chairwoman, Cole Link Foundation

“Everyone loves dance! We are a group of individuals who, through the power of music and dance, cultivate self-worth, dignity, and respect for all people. We do this through professional entertainment, dance education, and youth outreach.”
~ JoLynn Wright, Program Director, Cole Link Foundation

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The Golden Linkettes dance program is designed to inspire and introduce young elementary school children age 5 up to adults to the art of dance, while engaging them in a process that equips them with the discipline, confidence, social consciousness and cognitive skills for success.  The project is the vision of Myra Cole Baucom, founder and Chairwomen of Cole Link Foundation, to bring high quality arts education and performance opportunities directly to the children of this community, thereby enhancing their sense of self-worth, academic achievement, social skills and ultimately, their quality of life.

Our Goals are to:
•    provide dance classes and performance

•    enhance leadership skills and self

       esteem of teens ages 13-18
•    provide community outreach and education

Who is eligible:
•    Ages 5-12
•    Ages 13-17
•    Adults of all ages

Auditions are held monthly. Dancers will not have to pay for their costumes, shoes and props. But will be asked to participate in fundraising activities to offset cost.

Classes are held weekly in the Tarpon Springs area. They are designed to allow our dancers to experience the joy of dance. The Golden Linkettes will perform at our events, local parades, festivals and senior living facilities. The year ends with an Annual Performance, an onstage celebration of the achievements of our students.

Teen volunteer "Helpers" are enrolled in the Dancing Links Leadership Program. Helpers attend workshops to enhance leadership skills and are paired with dancers whom they assist at weekly classes and performances.

We have been working hard to review proposals and provide grants to deserving causes ...

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Work it Golden Linkette Dancers! First Friday Tarpon Springs! Great fun tonight! We are very proud of our dancers and coach for their first performance of the season! Myra Baucom had a pre-birthday surprise from John Dash Dixon of the Black Honkeys Band and our dear supporter Bernadette Brown! The Black Honkeys turned it out! Thank you to all our volunteers and helpers! We couldn’t do it without you!  


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 UPDATE: The Golden Linkettes dancers performed at the  Clearwater Downtown Block party on July 15, 2017 and will be performing at this event again. They were a big hit and the crowd enjoyed watching them. Our dancers have also performed at our 2017 Inaugural Benefit Bash on August 3, 2017 with energy and style.  Keep up the good work girls!